Making Beautiful Nail Art

Making Beautiful Nail Art

Women love taking care of their hands and nails. That is why they get the services of a nail artist for them to create pleasing nail art on their nails. When it comes to nails, many people have their own preferences on how they want these to be treated and look like. With the demand of nail art slowly increasing over the years, many people pursued this profession and took up different courses abroad to enhance their craft.

Nail art is the process of decorating a person’s nails using various materials and accessories specifically for this. Originating from Japan, most renowned nail artists are Japanese. Fingernail art involves the filing and shaping of nails and then adding different kinds of designs through painting or drawings. There are various designs and it depends on what the woman wants to have on her nails. For some, however, they prefer more complicated ways of self expression by adding different kinds of accessories, precious stones, buttons and the like.

The whole process tends to have a relation with how women want to present themselves. It brings out a feeling of self-satisfaction and happiness and the accomplishment that the fingernail artist feels is worth making this a full time job.

Pedicures and manicures are easy but fingernail art is a skill which only a well trained salon technicians can perform. The process is relatively easy with having the natural nails thoroughly cleaned. The salon attendant will remove the existing nail polish, if any, to be followed by a soothing soak for the purpose of softening the cuticle and nails. The nails are then cut to the desired length and filed to your chosen shape.

As soon as the nails are cut, the attendant removes old cuticles with a pusher and a cuticle solution. This process should be carefully done because too much pushing will dig deep into the cuticles and hurt the nail bed and the client. Nail clippers will remove extra tags and the hard and dry portions of the nail. After this process, the nail will look and feel lighter and better. The nail artist then prepares to paint.

The nail artist applies the nail polish two or three times depending on the consistency of the polish and its color. Generally, you only apply the colorless polish twice for the base coat, and another after the tip of the nails are painted with white to make it glossy. This coating process helps the nail polish stick longer. Sometimes, the colorless nail polish is applied more than twice to make it glossier.

There are lots of artists to provide you with the best looking nail art today. The number of designs is increasing everyday with more new accessories to use such as stickers and charms. In spite of this, the most raved about nail arts is how the artist does the designs onto your nails. It takes a lot of skill and patience to do this and choosing the right nail artist is important to get the job well.